Sunday, January 5, 2014

Don't stand up too quickly…..OUCH!

Past couple of days….

 I had an appointment with a "holistic" doctor…he knows his stuff and has helped a lot with some digestion/intestinal issues I have been having.  It was a longish wait so Owen stayed focused with his iPod.
After more errands, lunch and stuff I got a little sleepy so I asked Owen to snuggle up with me and a blanket….he said OK….and then fell asleep shortly after this photo was taken.
(lucky him ~ that didn't happen for me)

Since we didn't drive north yesterday hubby found us something else to do!

Turns out our boys basketball team was participating in a Timberwolves Shoot-Out
 at the Target Center (downtown Mpls.)

 4 games. 
One local team against an away team 
(one came from Chicago another from Kansas)
Winner gets bragging rights and that's it. 

LNHS played the first game at 9:15 and we were there
 Some of our players

Another local team played in the last game which started about 2:40.  It made for a longish day but, it was really fun!  It was warm.  It wasn't too crowded (although it did get more crowded as the morning went on) and we splurged on a yummy smoothie and licorice.  (Lunch of champions right?!)

Oh and this happened too...
Nicole found out that if you forget your phone is in your lap and stand up quickly to let some one by
your phone can fall on a cement step and shatter.  Believe me.  Do not try this at home.  Good thing we bought insurance on it so the replacement will be a lot less than the original price.

Today the cold comes.  We don't plan on doing much after our trip to the mall to replace the phone.  Maybe some football and movies…...


Kim said...

OH, NO!!! Is that the brand new phone? Otter Box - I probably drop one of my phones (yep 2, 1 work and 1 person) at least once a day and every time I say "good thing I have an otter box!!"
Stay warm - they even cancelled school here for tomorrow!!

Yum Yucky said...

I'm a bigger believer in the holistic, alternative medicine, homeopath approach. It works for me and my family, and I hope it works out well for you, too.

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