Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A routine is wonderful isn't it? Easiest hat ever!!

We're Baaaaaack!  
In school that is
 and back to what I like to call our routine around the house.

Ahhhh, no more PS3 playing in the background.  No more "What's for lunch?" or "Do we have to go to the Y with you?" Oh yes, I enjoyed having the kids home and knowing they were safe from being frostbitten is a great and actually priceless thing but …but….my house is mine again!

A computer available when ever I want it.

Lunch made for one.

Laundry and dishes don't seem so bad doing them today (compared to other days and asking the kids to help and hearing groans and moans….Man, I am thinking I need to set up a chore list for the kiddos this year)

Going to the Y with out the usual question…."How long do we have to be here?"

Oh and the million dollar question I have heard a lot lately…."If I go can you buy me a treat?" or "If I (insert any chore around the house) can I have a treat?" Whose children are these any way?  Thinking every thing revolves around a treat?  ;- 0  (Oh, a certain cross country coach would not be happy with the thinking skills I have planted in these children)  ;-( 

Certain animals have been quite thrilled with the extra laps around.

Spoiled? I think so!

What is on her head? 
(do you see her in the background above?)

I cut the hood off of hubby's old sweatshirt yesterday.
The sweatshirt didn't get worn much and I realized that was in part b/c the hood was so heavy.  It actually pulled the shirt back on your neck in a funky way that you felt (ok I felt) like I was being choked.  Who would want to wear that?

Finally, I cut it off!

Sweatshirt is great….and the hood still works as a head warmer….
hilarious isn't she!

And she wore that thing ALL day…I guess that's what we do to keep warm 
(while wearing shorts and a t-shirt around the house…ugh!)

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Kim said...

Yep - your household sounds like mine!! I look at the boys walking around in shorts and T-shirt and always ask them if they are cold - they are making me cold
And the lunch thing? I just bough a whole bunch of single serve frozen pizzas (even though they feel the need to eat 2 at a time) so they could have that or leftovers. I just had to let the extra time spent on technology go - I figure during the school year they don't have much time to play X-Box or whatever so....

She did it and then I did it again.....

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