Sunday, January 26, 2014

20 pounds and its on…..

Really its on.  

What?  Have I said that before?  Sounding like a broken record?  Well, as with all broken records ….we sometimes give them one more chance.  Or nowadays its the CD.  I copy a lot of CD's from our iTunes collection and then play them in the van.  After some time it never fails that a favorite one will start scratching/skipping ~ I don't keep them well protected ~ and I might drop them occasionally ~ and it happens right?!

However, instead of throwing it away then and there I put it back in the pile and often find myself trying it ~the cd~ again months later to see if it works.  Sadly it usually doesn't.  BUT, the point is I gave it another chance!!

Fast forward back to ME! I need another chance.  Another try at this healthy/portion controlled eating thing.  

I have been skipped….not my meals, oh my no!….just my control.  My desire to really want to be fit again.  To be in charge of what I am putting in my mouth.  (WHAT and HOW MUCH!)

People that don't have an issue with food will not understand what I or others go through.  

At Owen's swim meet Friday night the light bulb went off for a VERY athletic and fit momma friend of mine.  She was commenting about her kids biting their nails before their swim.  How SHE too use to bite her nails all through school, college and post college.

She would do it with out even KNOWING she was.

She would do it any where ~ while waiting in line for class, buying stuff at Target, or watching TV.

She would pick at her fingers before bed b/c it wasn't as convenient to bite.

She started to try new things to stop ~ painting her nails, putting gross lotion on them, wearing gloves a lot, vaseline, wearing socks to bed, etc…nothing seemed to work.

She said she had a problem that she didn't realize had gotten so out of control.  She did it without thinking or knowing she was doing it.   She finally WOKE UP and realized She  DIDN'T LIKE HER ISSUE and SHE DIDN'T want her nails to bleed any more!

I kind of hit her shoulder….oops surprise!  YOUR NAILS = MY FOOD!!

And then spoke a little loudly and said, "THAT'S MY ISSUE WITH FOOD!"  All of the above!!! I eat.  I don't even realize how much I have eaten until the entire ice cream carton is gone.  I do it alone, in the van, at work, at home, etc…I have tried so many plans but nothing has worked.

(Actually a lot of plans worked ~ until I meet my goal and then its the maintenance that I fail at ~)

She never having an issue with food could finally RELATE to my issue b/c of her nails!!! She smiled and agreed that food is maybe tougher b/c of the obvious gain and dealing with others looks or comments.

She also made me SEE or wake up to the fact that….this can get cray ~ cray ~….soon if I don't do something now.

Who knew this athletic triathlete could have her own issue.  Not an obvious one to me but in her mind it was as bad as my issue with food.

Something clicked.  I guess the timing of our conversation was just right.  My mind is finally ready to be "ON" again.  My head is saying lets tackle this 20 pounds before it becomes 21 or more.

Good luck to me.  Good luck to her kiddos and their nails.  Good Luck to all struggling with FOOD.

And…..Congrats to OWEN!! Who swam in his first meet……and it went down like this:

1.  50 Freestyle…1st place!
2.  100 Freestyle…..2nd place!
3.  100 IM………3rd place!  

He did great!!!  

And last night at church what do you think you whispered to me????

"Mom, after every swim meet can you buy me a treat from the concession stand?"  ha! ;-)

Yes, Owen I can!

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Kim said...

You can do this!!! I have complete confidence that this is the time you are going to reach your goal and maintain!!!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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