Saturday, December 28, 2013

WiTiKT…..I have more Christmas photos to share…and the girls got haircuts

I really may be losing my mind…
I went to check Instagram and figured I would plug in my phone when the computer started downloading some pictures….what?  Oh yea, I guess I had more on my phone from Christmas than I realized…ha!

 These may be the last of the Christmas …..
and maybe not?! 

I am so precise that way.  ;-)

 Christmas Day morning….check out the time on the microwave…..UGH!  It was an early morning wake up!  Not by Owen but by Rudy…the annoying 11 pound whiner.  ;-(  It's like having a baby in the house again….needing attention in the middle of the night.

But, like any smart parent (or not) we let him whine with hopes he would go back to sleep … meanwhile keeping us awake.  I think we went to bed by 7:30 PM on Christmas Day.  We were exhausted ~ for sure!!!

 Nicole sporting some new Wild apparel.

Makenzie ~  thrilled with her phone and "Frozen" surprises.

(yes, you can buy a  14 yr. old a barbie...ha!
keeping them young so they will never grow up!)

Boy oh, Boy!

 New Panther gear for the boys.

And in case you didn't know what it looked like..
My Fitbit!


 Kenzie got some bangs…and an inch of the length

Coley got about 4 inches cut off the end!

New Year…..New Girls!

And guess who is next???

I have some wild hair going on right now because I just got back from a walk …OUTSIDE!!
It's 40 ~ sunny ~ and absolutely … BEAUTIFUL for MN today!!!

Next week I am getting a trim.

Can you believe its almost 2014???

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Kim said...

Fun pictures!!
Does that clock say 4 something?! (I need reading glasses and yet....)
You will have to do a post about your FitBit - I sort of want one and I just got a rewards certificate from Best Buy so maybe I will get one!!

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