Friday, December 13, 2013

What will it take to "Let It Go" ~ the "IT" can be just about any thing with me….

Why am I so fascinated with Disney's Animated movie FROZEN? 

 It could be the cute snowman "Olaf" and the funny reindeer…
Maybe its the love connection between the funny Kristoff and Anna…
Princess Elsa…a young girl having to hide her "magic" for the fear of how others would react…she didn't get close to her sister, she actually hid from all until she was of age to take her place in the royal chair….then all came crashing down and she finally could "Let It Go"…

Does some thing have to come crashing down before we can "Let It Go"?  And the even bigger question…..What is the IT we are trying to Let Go?  Could it be…….

1.  The guilt of holiday eating?  ( And wondering why year after year I go through this same battle ~ )

2.  The guilt of not doing enough for others during the holidays?  (Wanting to give back to thank HIM for being so BLESSED but instead I am stuck in my routine and do nothing)

3.  Watching ~ hourly~ because my parents plan on driving down here tomorrow to celebrate an early Christmas with us and watch the kids partake in our Christmas program at church. (As if I have control over the weather??? ) 

4.   Exercise…..and the lack of it that has been happening over here.  (Add extra holiday eating and the combination has not been good for my thighs and butt) Seriously, then the sabotage in the mind goes out of control.  Stop the Insanity!

5.  Picking up after others.  I am trying to really "Let It Go!!" Really I am.  I am sick of asking, sick of complaining, sick of threatening, sick of charging my kiddos money for every time I find socks, cups, dishes, food wrappers, and pj's, lying around the house / to the side of couches/ in the basement in front of the TV.  
I feel like a maid not a mom. 

 I try to be like Jesus and just pick up after them knowing I am serving the Lord but, then Satan creeps in and I get angry and feel let down.  

Thinking thoughts of:
~ if they cared more about me they would pick up after themselves 
since they know how much it hurts/bugs me ~ 

So now do I just give up and leave it until they decide to finally clean up or they are out of clean socks?  
Or do I pick up once again and try to "let it go"?

Free Rant Friday right?

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer just trying to grow up ~ 

It's soon going to be another NEW YEAR!

This year I want to FIGURE out ME!
I am going to be 45 ~ it's time (don't you think?) ~ 

To be happy with me, enjoy my life, family, jobs, at whatever size ~
 stop the constant negatives 
and become a constant positive.

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Kim said...

I hear you on the whole tired of being the one picking up after others - I tend to just pitch it if I tell them to put it up more than once.
I know it's easy for me to say and on this end (doesn't mean I do it either) but I hope you can cut yourself some slack - you have 500 things going on at all times and manage to keep it all going!!!!

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