Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What does your day look like? It's Christmas Eve!!!

Our schedule looks a little like this:

1.  Off to MOA for people watching one last "surprise" gift and some exercise.
What? You go to a gym?  Not today….we are heading to the mall.  

I told the kiddos no breakfast this morning….we will have a Christmas Eve brunch at Perkins after the mall and each can enjoy whatever they want …be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner…you know they make it all to keep their customers happy, happy, happy!

3.  Home for a few, time to change, and prepare for Christmas Eve service.
We usually go to the 5PM service then home for salmon chowder and a Christmas movie but this year we are CHANGING THINGS UP ~ breaking tradition ~ doing our own thing.

After taking a family poll the results are in …. we will be attending an earlier service this year followed by another viewing of FROZEN at the theater and then home to open "sibling gifts" followed by a light supper…looking forward to every minute of it!!!

Then what?

shuffle the kids off to bed
have an adult beverage
scramble the mind trying to remember where I hid the gifts
get the gifts
arrange under tree
fill stockings

Wonder??? Does it seem even for each child???

Sit back and take it all in….because we know as soon as our eyes close the morning will bring complete and utter chaos.  Yep, even though they are 16, 14, and 10 they all become about 5 again and the excitement of Christmas morning is alive!!

Now I must go….busy, busy, busy!!


Happy Christmas Eve!!


Kim said...

Sounds like a perfect day!
Merry Christmas, Kathy!!!

Kim said...

Sounds like a perfect day!
Merry Christmas, Kathy!!!

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