Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's all downhill from here…...

Well, this is it…..
I kind of feel like I am at the top of a hill~
balancing a sled with one hand and one foot ~
(hoping it doesn't take off with out me and
that I don't fall off before it stops)
 about to lift the other foot on so that I can ride the slippery slope down, picking up speed, snow, wind and maybe other sledders as we slide into CHRISTMAS!


Let the slide begin because as with sledding there is no stopping until the ride is done!

Then we can sleep from exhaustion.

Look at our red cheeks from being sweaty and cold at the same time.

And sport our Santa hats while staying in pajama's all day 
and playing with our fun new gifts.

After all that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.

All along remembering Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

p.s.  We always watch a Christmas movie after church on Christmas Eve ~ this year rather than stay home and watch White Christmas or It's a Wonderful Life
we have decided to go to the theater to watch FROZEN again!


1 comment:

Kim said...

Maybe I need to get with the program and see Frozen!
Do you play in the snow? I try to never have to go out in it!!

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