Friday, December 27, 2013

Thoughtful Friday

 That pretty much says it all.

 I got 10,000 steps on my new Fitbit yesterday
then I got shocked by the thing….
I didn't know it was going to go all vibrating on me when it happened.

 Especially now…after indulging maybe too much during the holidays
and thinking do I make a resolution or not?
I am not thinking of the whole year….but, I am resolving to make better choices in life
each day whether it involves food, exercise, my words, my actions, etc…

You Are My SunShine!

Nuff said!

Happy Friday!!

The last Friday of 2013 ~ will you be doing any thing different to celebrate?


Kim said...

Well, it's 8:00 pm Friday night and I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress and reading blogs while having a glass of wine - nope, nothing different this Friday!!!
I love all of the quotes.
And, I want to hear more about your FitBit. I almost bought one at the mall today but figured I shouldn't - not even sure I would really use it a lot.

9toFit said...

I got the FitBit too for Christmas. I have been sick and lazy though so sadly haven't gotten to 10,000 steps lol but today I'm already almost there , no I know it's going to shock me when I get there lol thanks for the heads up!

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