Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Friday 5

In light of being called the "Grinch" and "Scrooge" by certain family members during the holiday I can honestly say I feel this year either A.  I have been better or B. my family has given up on the reminders and are just putting up with my ways.  

Naughty?  Yes ~ in my eating!!!  Holy sugar overload Batman!  And NO! I can't eat JUST ONE ~ cookie, chocolate, cheese/summer sausage cracker, Chex mix, cup of Chai Tea, M&M (peanut butter, chocolate, or pretzel) sip of Eggnog, the eating that takes place in the month of December should really be called "Look out Body I may be going into Sugar Shock and only thing that will help is to see Jan. 1 on the calendar!"  Because why does the New Year put a new perspective on this NAUGHTY eating.

Nice?  My family for not pointing out EVERY treat I EAT.

A few of my favorite things:

The ornaments my kiddos made in school in first grade….Love the homemade treasures so much and these to me are simply adorable.  

And nothing says "I blog" like posting a picture of the food we have eaten….. right?  So in perfect timing of the season here was my lunch from yesterday.  Lots of green in the form of kale, avocado, bok choy and spinach with some burnt red bacon bits on the lovely Red Christmas plate.

Ever notice how great a salad taste after you have had a sugar overload??? I need to remind myself of this more often…especially starting right after the treats are all gone!  ha!  ;-)

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Kim said...

Oh, yes!! When we travel (and eat fast food) I crave a nice healthy salad!! Your awesome blogger salad picture looks delicious!!

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