Monday, December 30, 2013

Random flash~waaaay~back favorites...

I thought about recapping a little of 2013 but I guess I don't have the time or patience to think about the year right now and I really just wanted to post something.


So here are some random favorite photos from MANY years past…not just 2013!

My absolute favorite photo of hubby and the kids…
just makes me smile every time I look at it.

 This girl being so happy while her pumpkin is so not.

I still can't believe she is so happy about posing with my homemade reindeer …
not quite sure but I think I made him in middle school….I found the pattern, had mom get the material and I put him together…kept him ever since.  I guess I really enjoyed Home-Ec more than I thought..ha!

Kenzie and Owen's first time in a plane.  
Her funny~ but scared ~ expression is priceless.
His "I am too young to care and this is all just awesome" 
makes me happy, happy, happy

 What is it with Owen and his sisters?

Or his facial expressions...

Or his problem with eating frosting?
I just want to squeeze those cheeks right off!
(no, that is not weird!)

I can't believe these awesome parents will be celebrating their 
50th Wedding Anniversary 
on Saturday, January 4th!!

Too Cute!

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Kim said...

Fun pictures!! Owen is such a cutie!
Happy 50th to your parents this weekend - that is awesome!!!

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