Thursday, December 5, 2013

Random 3 pictures and 3 thoughts

Just a few more pictures from our Thanksgiving up north with the cousins.

Kenzie and Marit.

 While trying to get a picture with Ms. Marit I was photo bombed by two other little ones….
Megan in front and Ethan ~ the one eyed boy in back…ha!

Group photo of most of the cousins while playing a game of Bingo.

My 3 random thoughts:
1.  A junior from our high school was killed in a car crash yesterday morning while driving to school on icy/snowy roads.  Many, many families and kids are in utter shock and disbelief…how one moment can change every thing you think is important!

2.  Since winter is here now I have been asking Nicole to text me every time she gets to school (she drives to school) the first TWO days she forgot and I got kind of mad with her ~ letting her know how worried I had been ~ her reply: 
"Well, I just forgot"

**After the girls death she said, "I see why you want me to text you now….I won't forget again"

3.  Tell others you love them often.  Take a deep breath ~ appreciate the little things.  We are living this life because God wanted us to be part of something bigger, what ever his plan is we are living it out until he calls us home ~ HIS plan is WAY bigger than OUR plan!!

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Kim said...

Oh, no - so sorry about the loss of a high school student in your community - such a terrible thing.
I'm pretty much dreading next year when I will have one driving to school.

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