Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LET IT GO……Have you seen Disney's movie FROZEN??….this may be my new motivator!!

Hands down this is one of our families favorite You Tube videos right now.  (Well, maybe except for a certain boy who still prefers watching any and every LEGO animation video out there…)

I am going to try and let all the stresses of the holidays and my weight gain GO ~ for now ~ and simply enjoy being me ~ Grinch ~ Scrooge ~ eh, maybe? ~ but still me finding ways to bring the family together and remembering JESUS is the reason for the SEASON!

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Kim said...

I have heard that Frozen is awesome.
I just bought Despicable Me 2 and even my big boys are excited to watch it - the next free night we get!!!

Jordan (my 15 year old) still loves Legos and the videos. He likes making the stop motion videos and he found one on YouTube that a guy worked on for all of his high school and college years - it is 27 minutes long which is a lot of stop motion shots (millions!!). If he remembers the name I will send it to you - he said it is the best Lego video he's ever seen.

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