Monday, December 16, 2013

Do 10 yr olds still tantrum? And if so, do they end well?

It's here…It's here…It's finally here!!!

Excitement certainly builds the closer we got to the weekend (last weekend) when the kiddos knew grandpa and grandma would be driving down ~ the weekend of performing in front of hundreds for the Christmas program at church ~ and celebrating Christmas (a.k.a. ~ exchanging gifts) with G & G!!

Oh YES the kids were excited!
 Owen and hubby
 a candy filled plastic cane

We opened gifts.  As always G & G spoil us more than they should and the big gift Owen received was  Disney Infinity (as if the boy needed another video game…."But this one is soooo cool" as quoted by Owen)  The kids played for a while and we ate some appetizers before heading to the program at church.

After church we came home and ate supper ~ talked ~ had more cookies and thought…….

 Hmmmm, what to do now?

Coley and Kenzie decided to try out the new JUST DANCE 2014!
Now there's a fun ~ not too sweaty ~ kind of work out.

TIme for bed and with sleeping arrangements mixed up a bit hubby got the straw to sleep on the couch….which happens to be next to PS3 ….aka Disney INFINIITY!!!….so, Owen thinks he should be able to sleep next to dad ~ on the floor ~ by the PS3.  

See where this could be heading?  I am thinking "ALL~NIGHT~GAME~PLAYING" and 2 EXHAUSTED boys on SUNDAY"  I tell Owen no …but that that IS something he can do over Christmas Vacation….

Wait…..a boy told NO….a boy with new gifts….a boy a little sugared up……this is going to end badly I think…….and he started a mini tantrum of tossing and turning on his bed.  The same bed right next to his dresser…….


YES! 10 year old's DO still have tantrums!  And they don't always enjoy the outcome once they are over.  Hopefully this was a lesson learned and that will be his last!  

***No boys were in need of stitches after this tantrum~lots of ice and Ibuprofen made a huge difference***But, please don't try this at home! ;-)

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Kim said...

I think the difference in the tantrums now compared to when they were little is they usually feel true remorse after the fact!
I hope Owen heals quickly!!!

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