Thursday, December 26, 2013

Before we move on….just a few more pics from our Christmas Eve day at the MOA

 Nicole and Owen didn't want to be next to me while I snapped the other photo of Santa at the beauty salon but they did pose by the Lego Santa with wide smiles.  ;-)

 I survived with a little help from my friend Caribou…..thanks to some nice kids at my school job and my family (even Kenzie using her own money) I am loaded up with gift cards for a while now….YES!

 Nicole enjoying a hot chocolate while Owen took full advantage of having the Lego Playarea all to himself.   Yes, 8AM is the time to shop on Christmas Eve….
And the happy girl after the purchase of her new phone….since I have said before how much our family loved the movie Frozen …Makenzie chose the blue phone just like Elsa's blue dress in the movie.  ;-)  What?!?!  Doesn't every body pick out phone colors based on Disney movie characters?  ;-)

Christmas Day was all about opening gifts, watching movies, staying in pajamas, and eating salmon chowder, meatballs, dip/chips, and treats…'s quote of "I have eaten myself into obesity" may have been said once or twice but that was then and this is now.

It was a wonderful Christmas and we do have a Wonderful LIfe….can't believe how lucky we are.

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Kim said...

Sounds like a great day!!!
I've never had salmon chowder.
I'm thinking that even though I won't be in PJs all day since I'm currently in my sweaty workout clothes, after I shower I'm going to put on comfy sweats!!

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