Saturday, December 21, 2013

A special concert by Sara Groves = a special night for us!

 Well no this isn't Sara ...…….this is typical of Rudy however….he wiggles and snuggles his way under any blanket we may be sitting with.  I often wonder how he breathes under there but, so far he has always come out alive.  ha!

 This isn't Sara either.  But it is a picture of the Art House North (on the inside) the venue owned by Sara and her husband and the place of the personal concert.  It is a quant, old church right on the corner of a neighborhood in St. Paul.  Super cozy, comfy, and simply sweet.
 Check out the old pews and bible holders (pretty sure that is not the correct term but you know what I mean)
 THIS IS SARA!!!! Her hubby Troy is cut off on the right and another guy to the left…Andrew maybe? was playing the cello.  I even took a short video with my phone…uploaded it to my computer but for HEAVEN'S SAKE tried and tried to upload it on the blog and cannot get it to work…..shouldn't that just be as easy as clicking on the "upload video" and zip…its done?!

Any one can help me out here and I would be forever grateful.  ;-)
I took my camera during the short intermission to ask Sara for a picture with Makenzie….she was busy chatting with every one so it never came about then I had Kenzie hold my phone for me….this was the photo she took of Nicole in the basement where the bathrooms were located.  Everything was candlelit as you can tell and I guess I had the flash off.  ;-)

So how did we receive the honor of this special concert?  My friend is in charge of their family's foundation that gives money to organizations ~ organizations that are Christian based, share the message through music, books, missions, etc…, and want to touch those who may or may not go to church so every avenue whether through music or art is a great way to reach those and share Jesus.

Her foundation started working with Sara and Art House North about a year ago and its been a wonderful relationship so far.

And……it was a wonderful way for our family to be together and kick off this week prior to Christmas!


Kim said...

I haven't heard Sara Groves in years - way back when I was in MOPS she performed at one of our big conferences and I bought her CD - loved it!! (need to find it)
Sounds like a fun night for y'all!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I haven't heard Sara Groves in years either, but I remember that I used to love some of her songs. Hearing her sing must have been great!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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