Friday, November 8, 2013

WiTiKT~~~All dogs are NOT the same!


Cuteness does NOT mean YOU should BUY one!!

I have had dogs in my life but never one that whined sooo very early each morning that it woke me up, kind of made me mad, and then realize….."I am a MORNING person, I ENJOY mornings usually, but now I realize I ENJOY getting up EARLY when its MY CHOICE, NOT because I certain 11 pound weiner dog has decided its time to get up so HE can go PEE and then snuggle back in blankets while I do a load of laundry and plan the day!!"

What is even funnier….I am not really all that crabby right now….however, wait until about 3PM (after  my day of shopping with the kiddos ~ walking the mall ~ and hopefully not dealing with any teenage mood) I could be "OUT OF CONTROL"

 lets hope not.

 Yes, if I was running a race the 3:55 AM whine and barking by said dog would be fine.  If, I needed to catch a plane to a warmer state I would be thrilled.  However, I am just going to go to cycle and I now have plenty of time to rethink why I should or should NOT go…... Darn Dog!!  

I will be going not too worry (like you were right?!)….I need to be energized for the above mentioned shopping day.  It's another no school day around here and the girls need (yes, NEED we are kind of short on the dressy clothes around here no wearing running shoes or flip flops to banquets and holiday stuff) some fashion boots for special events coming up and the boy needs some snow boots for the gazillion days of winter which lies just outside our door.

What gets you up in the morning?  (the dog….ugh)

DOGS?  love ~ like ~ or NO THANK YOU!!!  (Use to be LOVE ~ then turned to like ~ lately I have been seriously at NO THANK YOU!)

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Kim said...

No thank you to owning a dog! I know who would end up doing all the work around here for a dog!
I hope y'all had a fun day of shopping.

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