Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Think I Know Today ~ Tonight ~ This almost Thursday ~

 This guy has a HUGE weekend ahead of him.
Friday night the Gopher Hockey game….Saturday the Gopher Football game!
Man, if he could only play golf on Sunday ~ he would have the PERFECT guy's weekend 
I am thinking!  ;-)

 This dog better relax….because Thursday morning means a trip to the Animal Hospital.
Yep, its time for Rudy to get a little snip in his privates ~ sorry buddy 
but, you earned a sleepover there too.

What is all the hype with the teenage girls?
A certain guy named Peeta?

Yep ~ so I hear!!

Catching Fire opens tomorrow night….the 14yr. old was lucky enough to get an early viewing b/c a friend had "an invite only ticket" to the IMAX showing on Tuesday.  

And of course, 

The rest of us will probably watch it on Saturday ~ 
while hubs is at the football game.

Football outdoors on a 38 degree day or Peeta inside and 70? 
I guess I side with the teens this time….I will take Peeta and indoors thank you!


(Poor Owen….he doesn't know it yet but, he will be watching Peeta too….
now, that should be a fun time!)


What are your plans for the weekend?  

Will you be seeing "Catching Fire"?  

Have you even heard of the movie?  

1 comment:

Kim said...

I'm assuming that is the 2nd movie in the Hunger Games? I haven't watched the first one and probably won't watch this one - I'm so not cool!!!

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