Saturday, November 2, 2013

We are bound for the STATE CC meet today!!

Could she be any cuter?
The captains made these shirts for the girls on the state team....
complete with a nickname for each girl too...
 Recently she has been called the "Silent Beast"
Lets just say there are a lot of vocal girls on the team...Kenzie is not one of them which is a good thing..ha!  But, don't rule out the quiet girl, during the meets she becomes a beast and surprises every one with her legs and not her voice.

 All the teams went to the course on Friday and practiced the run.
We learned after last year that this is the time to purchase the souvenir sweatshirt...
Kenzie is proudly sporting hers.  
breakfast done
brushed teeth
went through the checklist of items needed
check and check...

Hubs dropped her off and its time for this mom to get ready!

Busy weekend for all .....Nicole is gone with her Senior High Youth Group to WI. for the weekend...bonding, running, hiking, swimming, reading the Bible and growing in relationship with God and important these days and every day.

Owen is lucky enough to come with to the meet....I am thinking there will be some bribing with Halloween candy to avoid whining....ha!

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Kim said...

Good luck - can't wait to hear how the meet went!
Love the shirts (and her nickname).
Just think - soon Owen will be begging to go to the cross country meets to watch girls run!!!

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