Friday, November 8, 2013

**Update Post to the previous DOG BashING one**

We just got home from 5 hours of shopping!!

The agenda was to buy boots for all…..dressy boots for the girls and a pair of snow boots for Owen.

(Oh, and a dress for Kenzie…..yea~ that was part of the main agenda too)

Rudy usually gets locked up in his kennel when we leave but he looked so comfy and I thought we would only be gone a few hours so I left him out….maybe I felt bad for the previous bashing I gave him or maybe my heart grew three sizes that day?

It could happen here too?

Well, 5 hours later all I could think about was coming home to a poop filled house ~ yes, this has happened when he has been left out and alone longer than he likes ~ where does he get this 
"I'm in control attitude?" or  "It's all about me?"

I think he learned it from them….
It is all about them after all!

Any way, SUPRISE to me!
We did not find a single turd, poop, dropping, or wet spot!!

What a wonderful weiner dog we have!

**The grass is always greener under a weiner**

Happy Friday!

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Kim said...

I hope the shopping was a fun and successful trip!

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