Tuesday, November 12, 2013

THIS IS IT ~ Tonight's the Night! The BANQUET is on 11-12-13 Right?!

We haven't had much happening since we haven't been running to 
cross country meets ~ I guess you could say
life has slowed down.

But, has it?

Owen is still swimming 3x  a week

Hubby still has night meetings

The girls are still exercising on their own

I am still working, applying for new jobs here and there, and working out 
when I can because I am not going to let this holiday season take control of me.


This little thing called Homework!
(More for some ~ less for others)


 I almost forgot….

THE HOLIDAYS are right around the corner!!

I ran an errand last night to Maurice's…I actually stopped/paused after I entered
the store….yep, they were playing Christmas Music through the store.

And I kind of liked it….

Now to prepare for the evening 
because nothing can ever be easy….we have an 8th
grade Washington Trip meeting tonight too.

(Time to divide and conquer!)

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Kim said...

We are doing the divide and conquer for the next few nights, too - good thing we only have 2 kids!

well daughter #2 is done!

Yup, she graduated, we had a party, we've gone to parties and now we're enjoying summer vacation!  Of course, it wouldn'...