Friday, November 29, 2013

The best place to warm up….

We thought about it and talked about it for 2 months.
We prayed for nice weather for 2 weeks.
We were gone just 2 night.
And now it is over!

Thankful we had nice driving weather and all remained healthy to make the trip.

Thankful Owen got some quality time with his cousin Dawson.

 Thankful for Kenzie and more cousin fun.

 Thankful for Kenly the youngest one.

 And my sweetie Marit!
Hmmm…Is it just me or could she be my daughter?
Our faces seem very similar….I am sure her mom (my sis) would be thrilled to have her oldest turn out like me!  Ha ..HA!!!

This little one slept all.the.way.home.
Still where did he go when he got inside?

 To the warmest place in the house that is 1 inch off the floor.
Can you see the heater vent by his nose?  The rest of the vent is covered by his body….he stayed there and slept for about 10 minutes or until he felt sufficiently thawed out.  ha! 

I don't know about you but, going home for the holidays, sleeping in a different bed, eating different foods, and stressing out over the littlest of things has kind of put me under the weather.  Not feeling so good, tired, upset belly, and at 7 PM I am going to bed.  I have to work tomorrow early so hopefully I will be up for it.  Now off to find my warm place ….MY BED!  ;-)

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Kim said...

Glad you got to go home for the holidays!! Sorry that you aren't feeling great - hopefully just a short term thing from all of the holiday festivities!!!

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