Friday, November 15, 2013

My 16 yr. old did something today that I HAVE NEVER DONE!!!

*It started with this…..

*Ended like this...

*Could have been this...

*I would have died had she did this…..

***Note….None of these pictures are actual photos from today and what she encountered***but maybe you could have guessed that already?

She did hit a deer driving home from school today!!!! OMGoodness ~ I have seen plenty in my day while driving but NEVER actually had one hit my car.  She said it came out of no where….well, actually we live by a wooded preserve so I am pretty sure it came out of the woods.  ;-)

Makenzie was the passenger and never saw it either.  

The deer hit the drivers side mirror (leaving it hanging by a wire) bumped the front left head light (now needs to be replaced) and left a butt or side dent in the hood (latch doesn't work) and rolled once until it hopped up and ran away.  


It could have been so much worse ~ the buck was seconds behind her too ~ 

We now are a family that needs a third car…we called the collision shop so quickly that I forgot to take actual pictures.  The new mirror and light are on order and then the hood latch will be fixed…thank goodness that was all the damage that was done!

Has your child ever done something you have never done before?


Kim said...

Yikes!! Scary!! I'm glad that it didn't end up any worse!!! I've never hit a deer either and I'm glad. Glad that no one was hurt and that your car isn't totaled!!!

Nichole said...

LOVE the pics you used! Hahaha!! Glad no one was hurt!

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