Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just a few thoughts this Thursday….

Do you ever think this?
Do this?
I am SOOO guilty and hubby will be the first to agree.

What is funny is that I found myself doing it this morning at work…and what made me stop and kind of laugh while acknowledging what I was doing….is that my supervisor was trying to do the exact same thing….both of us trying to be right and not really even listening to the others justification. 

**nothing major just silly stuff~**

Some days I don't even take a shower…
I do not try to or need to keep up with others….
keeping it real over here for sure!

And I am totally doing this~

I can't believe most stores are opening at 8PM now.

Just don't do it!!
No gift is worth the discount or hassle ….
stay home
talk with family
watch a movie
play a game
be Thankful
have another piece of pumpkin pie!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Love every one of those eCards!!!
That one about arguing - yep - I always feel the need to explain why I'm right!!
And I hate the fact that people have to work on Thanksgiving - no shopping that day for me either - just plenty of food, family and wine!!!

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