Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am thinking STUFT Mama would be proud…….

One of my absolutely favorite blogs is
if you have never read her blog you should…..

 She blogs about exercise and shares personal tips and videos.  Is very passionate about her loyalty to ProCompression and Mizuno, shares funny stories about shopping with her twin boys,  and even makes up her own healthy recipes which often includes some form of a burned vegetable.

Recently or not so recently she posted about a breakfast/french toast STUFT style and OMG…
it looked so good I had to try it…

And of course, I altered it a bit…in true
STUFT Mama Style! 

I started with one FlatOut and tore it into 4 pieces
Mix 1 egg with a dash of Almond Milk and cinnamon
dip and soak two pieces of the FlatOut in the egg mix and 
lie in sprayed microwavable bowl
add your inner "stuffing"
She originally used Almond butter and bananas I think but, I had a bunch of strawberries on hand so I used about 1-2 Tbls of Almond Butter with about 4 cut up strawberries
 the "soaking" with the last two pieces of the FlatOut
any leftover egg mix over the entire concoction…

Place in microwave for @4 minutes….

And finally I thought I should take a picture of this!

 Side view once I slid it out of the bowl to a plate.

And view once cut open….


I have since tried it with almond butter and bananas and YUM!

And I tried it for lunch with spinach, feta and cut up pieces of chicken….I also added some salsa once it was done and I LOVED IT that way TOO…

My new FAVORITE quick and healthy sandwich hands down.

Thanks Kristen for the awesome idea!

And here is a pic of more stuft yummy she tried recently.

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Kim said...

I should try the stuft french toast for my boys - they would love it!!!

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