Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Do you ever know what you really want?

For almost 2 months now I have worked for the school district in there before school program.

* It's only 3 hours a day
 * super fun 
* I get to hang with Owen 
* time flies
*I still get time during the day to accomplish many "MOM" duties

*It's only 3 hours a day
*we have to pay for Owen to be there
*I am definitely exhausted ~ differently ~ by 9 PM!

Because I am employed with the school I now receive the latest job postings/openings in ALL the schools as soon as they come available.

A few weeks ago I applied for a tutor position with another school
~I had an interview last Friday~

I crossed my fingers….the hours would be "school hours" so Owen would not have to go to the before program….aka: we would save money ;-)….The job would be 4 days a week/6 hours per day.

WooHoo~almost a real job!

At the interview I really started wanting the job.
Over the weekend I really wanted the job.

Then on Monday ~ while being a "MOM"
*doing wash
*planning supper
*making appointments for the dog, the car, etc..
*putting up the Christmas tree (yes, I did!)
*and exercising

I started thinking…..When would I do ALL OF THIS?

How do MOM'S work full time and keep there sanity? 

I started thinking… "Do I really want this job?"…."Is this the right time?"
"Am I ready for this?" 

(I know~ seriously at age 44~ am I ready???)
issues? maybe

They said I would hear either way on Tuesday (TODAY)

I was kind of nervous every time the phone rang……..then, finally the call came………..

The principal said they decided to go with someone else.

What?  They didn't want me?

Well, maybe I didn't want them either.


I am believing God knows what I need and when I need it…..

now is just not the time.

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Kim said...

Oh, sorry you didn't get the job - always hard to say why or how they make decisions.
I can't believe that you have to pay for Owen to go to the before school program - that should just be part of your working perks!

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