Sunday, November 3, 2013

And just like that CC is over for another year....

Not sure if I mentioned it on an earlier post or not but the STATE CC Meet is not the place to
  "think you are going to get close to the kids BEFORE they run"....

the arena where they stretch, hang out, store bags, etc....
told me this :

Oops....wrong door.
You are able to go in another way to buy refreshments and souvenirs and they wave to your child over the lovely orange fencing .... sheesh, who would have thought they were so important?

 random photo while the girls are warming up..
 Hey look!  That's Makenzie in the middle with the black sweatshirt and red sweats!'s over!

Now, they were standing around and photo opts  were plenty....bummer, some were dark and some were blurry but this one turned out ok.

Out of the 16 teams that ran the girls' team got 12th.  (They were happy with that....there are some REALLY GOOD teams in MN!) Over all, the girls had a great time and the experience?  Priceless!

Now let "off season" training begin.  

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Kim said...

I'm glad they were happy with how they finished - that is the most important thing!!!

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