Monday, October 21, 2013

WiTiKT....Dare I say I want to sign up for a race?

It was race weekend every where ~ or so the blog and Facebook world seemed covered with recaps, photos, PR's, and some cold looking runners.

I however, was and am not one of those people.

I use to be.  It was short lived and I loved it while I could but "What I Think I Know Today" is that I WANT to run another race.  I don't even want to use the word "Try", I want to!!

I love the excitement of it.  The apprehension of wondering how I will feel, what the weather will be like, will my legs still feel good at mile 3, 5, or even 10! UGH! The heart is pumping a little more now even as I type about the "high" one gets before, during and after a race.  

This was my 1st Half Marathon..
 hubby and I did it together...of course we had to take pics of our bib numbers to prove it

And after...
sporting our Monster Jackets for completing it!
(and still standing!) 

I loved that day!!

That feeling of accomplishment....
I checked the site and the 2014 Gear/Jacket for the 10 miler and/or Half Marathon is pretty cool...
I will be entering and completing the 10 miler next year.

I know I can do it slowly and I will make it.


Any race you are setting your mind to accomplish next year?  In a month?

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Kim said...

Hooray - so exciting!!!
I don't race much anymore - and we saw how my last experience worked out (not so great). I will probably just read about everyone else's racing experiences.

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