Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WiTiKt~ 3 days of full time work is exhausting!!

Oh My Goodness!!!  I felt like I was hit by a bus.  OK..not as in the reality of a real bus actually hitting me because if that happened than I probably wouldn't be blogging right now and I may be in a hospital sipping ice chips and watching my heart monitor.

It was MEA here last week.....which use to mean schools closed Thursday and Friday so teachers could attend meetings and become better educators...now it means teachers go on vacations and kids have 2 days off OR if you are like me they attend KID ZONE which is the "Release Day" kid care so your parents don't have to take a vacation day.  ;-) Part of the agreement with my new day job is having to work about 4 release days....I happen to be assigned to both release days during MEA.  We are talking 9 to 5 each day ....no break from kids....no silence....no couch to relax on....no blogging to be done.
 The first day we traveled by bus (did you know I get car sick and bus sick? lovely) to an apple orchard.  We picked apples, a small pumpkin, ate our lunch and the kiddos played on a big plastic swing, a rope spider web, and a tire mound....it was actually pretty cool!!

Second day involved a lot of play, decorating Halloween masks, computer time and being exhausted but wait.....what did I schedule for Friday night???? A hair appointment.....which I was not going to reschedule even though I thought about it.....it went something like this:

too bad it wasn't Halloween...I would be set.

Finally, its Saturday...yes, weekends are the time I work at the Y!
Boy, did I work this weekend....
Saturday went down like this: 7-11AM work~hour break~12-3PM Child Abuse Prevention class~hour break~ 4-9PM close...home to drop!

YIKES...3 full days = one exhausted lady!

In fact, I need to go to bed right now because I am getting tired again just thinking about it.
And I really don't want to say "something like this" again...ha!

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Kim said...

Ugh - what a long few days you had!!!
Those 2 days of MEA don't really sound like much fun to me - I'm thinking my patience would have been maxed before we got off the bus.
Where is the final picture of your hair?
And, for some reason, your blog isn't showing up in my BlogLovin' feed these days - don't know why.

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