Thursday, October 17, 2013

WiTi KT ~ "Witty KT"

I know seriously!
Here I go again~changing up my blog~making it more me...

New Posts including:  "What I Think I Know Today" because today (right now~the present moment) is all I can think about sometimes.  Its what I need to focus on and "What I Think I Know Today" often comes back to slap me in the face tomorrow!! 

It changes rapidly~and I really must let go! Stop feeling this inner loss ~ this out of control craziness that is causing my mind to lose focus on what I really want/need and what is best for ME!

 Yes, Charlie Brown I get it.

My FAVORITE quote!!

We have so many changes going on in our life right now!

Stop the roller coaster please....I really do want to get off.

But, I can't ~ the controller has to let the ride run its course 
and ~ it will end ~ on its own ~ eventually~ 

Until then I have a lot to get a grasp on.  
EATING ~ I must get a hold b/c its out of control!
EXERCISE ~ figure out how to work it back into my regular schedule
KIDS ~ let them go ~ they must grow ~ stop the inner control
MONEY ~ lately we have more bills due to car repairs, other big bills due this time of year, a trip coming up in January ~ we will be fine but,  my little thing called "money anxiety" does a number to my mind when I see the numbers rise on the credit card.

What I Think I Know Today:
I will start again.  I have a field trip to an apple orchard w/ work and a bushel of kids.  Bus rides usually make me sick and we will be traveling about 30 minutes by bus.  I will be fine.  
Every Day is another Day to Change Your Life! 
Some days I hope to be the "Witi KT" full of laughs, jokes, life happenings, other days I will post about me and how I am changing my ways depending on "what I think I know today"

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Kim said...

So I figured out why you weren't in my blog feed - I missed the name change - which I love!!!

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