Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stop Bullying ~ Wear Orange ~

Last Thursday all the schools around here declared it Stop Bullying Day!
(maybe its every where and not just here?? ha! not sure...
 but, I do live under a pretty big rock ya know!)

They asked all kids to join in the crusade and wear orange to show support...
of course Team Orange would proudly sport Orange!!
The girls had just received these shirts from their coach so it was perfect timing.

*side note ~ coach had 5 shirts from the Victoria Lions CC meet ~ he handed them out at practice to 5 girls whom he thought deserved some added recognition for one reason or another.  Kenzie got one for crushing her times in the last two meets...she knocked @ 20 seconds of her time in each race and Coley  got one for consistently PR'ing at every race so far..whether by 20 seconds,  15 seconds, or 5 seconds every second is another PR right!? 

Way to go Girls!

 Owen claiming the "bright lights" in the kitchen were making his eyes watery?!
 third time maybe??
 the excited look....
 Owen...showing off his lego skills during KidZone.
 Ahhh....cutest 10 year old boy ever!!

And finally.....

When I dropped Owen off at church for confirmation the other night these three were hanging out to the side of the church parking lot.  It was pretty cool.  ;-)


Kim said...

What a great reason to wear orange - I didn't hear anything about it at our schools.
Love the pictures of your kids!!!

Melanie said...

I love that "stop bullying" day! What a great idea. I wish my kids' school did that! I'm also loving your son's Lego name creation! I'm going to show that to my boys and I'm sure they will want to make one too!!

Dr. J said...

I definitely support any effort to curb bullying!

I was bullied as a child and it hurt!

It motivated me to learn some martial arts skills. Skills that came in quite handy when some bully didn't have the sense to back off!

Thank you for the kind words at Kim's site!

Julie said...

Yes, up north we have had " stop bullying" as long as I can remember! We wear the color BLUE! p.s. the muffins looked great!