Thursday, October 24, 2013

CC Sections Today! High of 41...brrrr!

WiTiKt.....It's going to be COLD at the CC meet later!!!!

And b/c its going to be so cold .....
I am packing my long parka, gloves, Owen's snow pants and jacket, mittens, headband warmer thing and I may even pull out my Smart Wool~knee high socks! 
Yow-Za baby its cold outside!

And the girls?
They will be dressed in this:
(although they are packing a long sleeve undershirt just in case)

nothing like a full mouth when smiling...sorry Kenzie!

After the run I am pretty sure a sweatshirt will be thrown on
under a jacket and maybe a blanket too...

Last night was the Carb Dinner...

 Random shots of spaghetti is always nice right?

The boys were thrilled that I was snapping random photos in between mouth fulls of food...Hey, its what a mom does right?  hahaha...

Time to do some thing warm....later I will be freezing...and if you are lucky I may even take a picture of my white fingers....I am thinking its a sure bet they will be frozen too!!

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