Friday, October 11, 2013

Carb over load for a reason

TODAY IS THE SCC ~ South Suburban "CC" Championship ~ Meet!!  Which means last night was the gathering of the kids for the usual "CARB DINNER".  One of the girl captains hosted last night and I volunteered to help.  *I have never signed up before but I hit the jackpot of dinners!*

Their grandma use to be in the catering service so she knew how to throw a dinner for a crowd...complete with 15 DIFFERENT DESSERTS!!! This was unusual for sure and EVERY kid commented about the dessert table(s)...a couple vowed to try one of every thing (and did!) and a few more took pictures...why I didn't is beyond me.  Too busy wiping up my drool maybe?

I did get a picture of some of the kids before they all took off though.......after eating......relaxing........

Before cleaning up the hosts parents and volunteers had a chance to eat pasta, salad, fruit and dessert ....what can I say I passed up the pasta, salad and fruit in order to have room to try 5 of the 15 desserts...absolutely delicious.

Today is the race.


Both girls have been running so well and I think they were both hoping for another PR but I am not sure they will get it now with this wind.....

Unless, the lead girl can grab hold of them and carry them through...
like this:
 It would be fun to see ~ right?

Good luck Panthers!!

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Kim said...

Good luck to the girls!!
And - good for you 5 out of 15 is amazing control!!!

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