Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another year of pumpkin carving has come and gone

The annual pumpkin carving which almost wasn't.

I guess we have been busy...usually I pick the night at least a week ahead and announce to all that THIS will be the night to carve and watch "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"....however, between  CC craziness, swimming practice with Owen, my jobs, Cary's work/meetings, and a little thing called "life" I totally FORGOT!

Sunday night I looked at the calendar and was kind of shocked that Halloween was right around the corner...we had to carve those pumpkins in the next two nights or it would not be done.

Monday night went down like this...
 You know he means it when the tongue is helping concentrate too..
 busy boys and Nicole drawing her face on first.
 1~ 2 ~ 3 ~ carve!
 First one done....
I think this is the first pumpkin that Owen carved out the majority of it 
 This one had too much homework on Monday so she went solo Tuesday night...
 she didn't mind...
 neither did Owen or Rudy.

Can you guess which pumpkin belongs to who?

The pumpkin carvers in order were.....Kenzie, Coley, Hubby, Owen and ME....the family had a hard time figuring out what mine was suppose to be.....Can you tell?


Kim said...

Is yours a witch on her broom?
What fun - those are awesome!!!
We are totally lame - no pumpkins this year - not cool!!!

Teamarcia said...

Those are awesome! We carved last night as well. I am so loving the fact that the kids are big enough to do some of it themselves. Yay!

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