Thursday, September 12, 2013

Who would have thunk Thursday? ! *~*

Owen has started Storm Swim Club.

There website isn't full of too much "new member" information but they are having a "New Member" meeting this Saturday. (2 weeks into the fall session?)

So, for the first two weeks I have been bringing Owen to "HIS" city/school pools.....there is another pool location listed on the website but its in another city..about 10 miles or so away...and I figured it was for THEIR kids, in that city, to practice in.

Until Tuesday night.

I spoke with another swim mom who happens to go to my church.

We talked about a lot of "swim club" stuff, church stuff and exercise stuff too.  The word stuff just about covers every topic right?  ha!

And guess what I found out......................

The pool locations are for ANY ONE TO GO TO! (*oops duh moment*) Depending on your (or our) schedule and what works best for us.....either city...either pool....any time....just go.

Well, who would have thunk that?  Not me obviously!  Stop back tomorrow when I may actually have some pictures are our little swimmer!  ;-)

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Kim said...

Those are the kind of things that always make me feel a little more dorky than I normally do but I just try to roll with it! Nice to have options in the pool choice.

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