Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We have become THAT family...

I don't like it.  You can't make me.  I don't want to say it.  But I just can't hide from it anymore.......

I am not sure what you do Sunday mornings but I am usually in charge of and I quote..... "Getting the family off to church".  And it starts by telling them the night before when they go to bed.  Something like this:

"Tomorrow is Sunday.
 We are going to church at 8AM ~ you will have Sunday school after from 9:15-10:15 etc....."
set your alarm clock and plan accordingly. 
 Sound familiar?  Are you in charge of rousting the crew in your house?

Well, this past Sunday they got up, maybe a few moans, a few questions, they ate....dressed.....and when I came down stairs announcing...5 minutes and we leave...I found them like this:

and if you can't really see that one....
here are the individual ones
(sorry kind of blurry)

 hubby and Kenzie
 the boy

It was a sad sad day in my mind.....
So, YES I thought good for a photo opt!

I think they were actually all playing the same they were communicating ~ a little ~ to one another.  And yes, I may have gone to church and prayed that we may find other ways to pass our time other than with an electronic device. 

(But don't take away my computer....hahahha!)

Ever find your family looking like this?  Kim, I am thinking you have.  ;-)

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Kim said...

HaHa - the entire time I was reading this I was picturing my family (and some friends added in) when we were at the beach!!! Then when I got to the bottom I just started laughing because, apparently, so were you!!!
And, yes, I'm the one who does the prepping the night before and gives the countdown - although because I'm me, I like the boys waiting by the door (or better yet already in the car) when I'm ready. (can you tell I love being the only female in the house?!)

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