Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So not worthy....

Ever think about your life?  Really think about it.....the good, the bad, the ugly.....all of it?!  Lord knows I do fact, God I am sorry but, you probably have a headache daily b/c of all the junk going around in my head, in my thoughts, every day~hour~minute~and second (in fact, right then I thought "Man am I storing nuts for the winter in those cheeks of mine?") **Scroll down and see photo**

Some thoughts can be down right depressing.  "When will I ever find that full time job??"

Some can be meaningless.  Note: storing of the nuts comment above.  ;-)

Some can be just funny.  Such as this morning when I became kind of tired of hearing Owen talk about videos, games, legos etc....I told him its time we pick out a new chapter book from our stash to start reading...he moaned, groaned and then said fine.  (As we were looking through our books he stated he didn't like any thing and we need to go to the library.  I said we will find something and sometimes we need to read books we don't like.  ;-) We finally picked one.  We started out reading together...he was so patient and listened so well....just when I was about to tell him it was his turn to read this thought crossed my mind......

"This book is really could Nicole read it....why did I keep it....should I make Owen read it or just cave right now?"  hee hee  

I asked him what he thought of it so far....he said its OK....then I told him my thoughts...he laughed and said, "Yea, I thought that too but, didn't want to say that!" ha! 

We ditched the book.  I will be going to the library later.

Some go on and on and on....about money, bills, life, kids, cars, dogs, exercise, food, money, kids, dogs, food, ......etc.  Get the point? I am thinking God has a migraine right now.

Then some thoughts just go to him:
And I think how can he put up with me?
So not worthy!


Simply Perfect "Orange" Roses!

What's even funnier but great is.....My first thought was "Oh, the money he just spent that could go towards the spikes we will be buying soon" and as I said I loved them he said...and "What you will love more is the price....$9.99!"  BAM!  Now I REALLY LOVE THEM!! ;-)  And HIM!!

A guy that knows me and what is in my heart.  What a blessing!  So not worthy! 

Come on I can't be alone here....

Any one else have thoughts going on over load in their head? 

Any one get a gift and be happy but then get even happier when they found out the price of it?


Kim said...

Might be my favorite post you have written!!! The idea of God having a migraine from all of the thoughts he has to listen to made me smile.
And, I'm just like you - I love flowers but hate the expense when I know that they will just die in a few days - 9.99 is the perfect amount especially for those beautiful roses!!!

hiker mom said...

Thanks for reminding me to remember the blessings:)

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