Friday, September 6, 2013

RAndoms and a little about me....

The Varsity and a few of the JV boys/girls CC team took some fun photos last night 
(after the carb dinner)
and after the ENTIRE team took CC photos...

This is a copy of one that a friend text to Kenzie....if you can't figure it out....
they are about to jump in the air...

Any one get bonked up mail?
 Hubby totally did yesterday.
(I was surprised to see the box actually was tore in half and taped with packaging tape)
Not sure how they managed that one but this was the result below....
Not good.

He lost his 8 iron over the summer probably leaving it on some hole at some golf course.
(details right? ha!)

He is playing in a "work" related golf tournament today and sent for this 8-iron off of ebay.
Guess he wasn't meant to use an 8-iron today after all.

Now about ME!
I can't remember if I shared some or not about the (MY) worse JULY e.v.e.r!
But this picture pretty much sums up my July 
~except I am a female and I use the Ladies room~

 I have no idea how or why but some thing attacked or went out of whack in my intestines and *WARNING TMI* I spent July many times running to a restroom to avoid a watery brown mess *you know what I'm talking about don't you!* UGH! I pretty much know where every necessary "facility" is in the local mall, grocery store, or park.  ;-)

After 3 weeks I went in for lots of tests and every thing came back fine.   But, the doctor was still concerned and wanted to order a colonoscopy! 

I started to feel better so I opted out.....then, talked with a friend who goes to a Holistic gent.  I went to him TODAY!  HIS findings are.......YEAST allergy and sensitivity to Milk products..........

How can the queen of ice cream have a MILK issue?  Hmmmm, maybe too much of a good thing isn't always good?  No mashed potatoes made with milk, no gravy, no creamy soups in the winter, no desserts such as pudding b/c they contain milk.  And YEAST?  Yeast is in everything.  (well, not really but, come on) However, I am still having off and on small intestine issues.  I also get a TON of heart, I am going to try the new plan of attack...reading labels will be sooo much fun I just know it!!!

Can't wait to see how I do following the new guidelines....Foods to avoid with YEAST allergy.....
mushrooms, grapes, all raised bread products, ALL cheeses, buttermilk,creams, and I hate to admit it but I have to cut out my hotdogs, cold cuts, ham and alcoholic drinks well, just shoot me now.  hahaha!

Good Luck to me, myself, and I.  Oh yes, I will have to take a few supplements to get rid of the excess yeast currently in my system too.  

Wondering what causes your body to go into yeast overload?  According to the hand out:
1.  high sugar intake
2.  High meat intake (or fake dogs, cold cuts etc..)
3.  use of medication like cortisone hmmm....I did get a shot in my hip but, one shot shouldn't have made a difference?
4.  low fiber diets....this I have an issue with ....I eat a ton of veggies and I thought I got plenty of fiber so who knows?

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Kim said...

Yuck to your awful July and all the issues!! Good luck making the necessary changes in your diet!! I hope it helps!

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