Sunday, September 8, 2013

I took pictures this time!!

WooHoo...CC meet #2!!

Where: Faribault
When:  Friday the 6th ~ Coley's race at 4pm and Kenzie's at 4:45
Outside Temp: 87..or hotter!

I snapped some pictures before they left for school in the morning.
Yep, I was thinking ahead this time...yea me!

 I told them to do some thing fun in a few photos...the top one I think they are saying:
"Yea MOM! You are the BEST!"
~they are really pretending to stand still and run~
 ~typical teens~
 Improv at its finest! to the race!
A kids best friend on a very HOT day....
 and by the way the VARSITY girls took 1st place.

I couldn't find Nicole right after her race but she PR'd by 10 seconds again! 
She ROCKED it out....and....
the JV and C girls took 1st place!!

 Holy Hannah! 
I was a sweaty mess just from trying to catch a glimpse of those speedsters 
 in different spots while they ran.
I guess I should have went in that sprinkler too.
 Their friend Jerrica got a medal in the JV race...
Good job girlie!

Varsity CC girls with their 1st place trophy!!

Congrats girls and keep up the great work....
Can't wait til Friday's race.

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Kim said...

Holy Hannah is right - cross country races in the afternoon?! I think it's bad enough that they have practice in the afternoon!
Fun pictures and great job to the girls and their teams.

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