Friday, September 13, 2013

I said I would and I did...

Pictures of the boy before swim club!!

In the van before heading in....

and....before jumping in the pool below.

(Shoot I forgot his cap in the van....
now, I have to run out to the lot to get it, we have just minutes before they start,
I won't have time to take a photo with the cap too this time,
I have to go and I will get it next time....)

*just a few of the random thoughts that went through 
my head while taking 
these pictures*

Today is Friday!!! We have a HUGE CC meet tonight on our own turf!!! Hosting a meet is a big deal.  It brings a lot of kids, parents, busses, and craziness to our's a great money boost for the involves A LOT of parent volunteers to make it happen AND it starts at 3:30!!! 

Hubby and I are signed up to help as "race course marshals" NO kiddos will be cutting any corners or pushing runners aside on our watch you better believe it!!

Owen has to get out of school early to get to the park with us....oh, the joy for a 5th grade boy to assist his parents as course marshals....should be interesting.  ;-)

What I am loving lately!!! 
What is that you ask?

Beef strips
Cut up and Baked bok choy 
Cut up Avocado
a sprinkle of
Apple Cider Vinegar


Have a great weekend.....its going to be a busy one around here!!


hiker mom said...

Have fun at the CC meet!

Kim said...

Have fun being a marshall at the CC meet!!!
Your dinner looks really good - I've never tried BokChoy but the rest looks tasty!

Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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