Thursday, September 26, 2013

Friday funny.....

Right now my family is totally agreeing with this quote

And by "family" I mean: hubby, daughters, son, mother, sisters, brother-in-laws, niece and nephews, father, grandmother, and probably sister-in-laws too...yep, that pretty much covers everyone I think.

Some other things about me you did or did not want to know:

1.  I love food (I really haven't met any I scary) it can be a problem....especially when ice cream is involved!!!

2.  I am an introvert.  Yesterday (Thursday), I spent the day at my son's school preparing for and volunteering at the all school Walk -A- Thon Fundraiser....whew! I came home and crashed~I told my good friend that I have been around enough people today to allow me to hibernate for a month.  (She did a little LOL thing) ha!

3.  I am loving my new part time job at the before school program.  The co-workers and kids are great. 

4.  I would rather get lost in a hour worth of blog hopping than watch TV any day!

5.  I wash my hair twice a week...on a good week....its just better that way.

6.  I love details.  Every detail ~ in every conversation ~ please don't leave out any good parts.  

7.  I am organized and live by my calendar.  I am not a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of girl.

and finally....I don't know why 8 things but 8 is great so....

8.  I am sooooo looking forward to our family vacation to Florida (and the family is totally agreeing with me again!)

Another weekend of busy, busy , busy......working, running around, church, and kid stuff..."Eh, that's what life is all about"....


Kim said...

Fun list!!
I have to wash my hair every day - mostly because it gets soaking wet during my workout (your welcome!) - I sweat a lot!!!

hiker mom said...

Fun list:)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo... that Some E Card is perfect for me every single day! Love it.

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