Sunday, September 15, 2013

Exactly 4 short months and then this..........

 Ahhhhh....the Castle!

 My LOVE for a mouse has never been so great!

 Rides, rides, and more RIDES......

 tasting salty ocean water for the first time.

 Margarita's do taste better in Florida

 Sisterly bonding in the land of Dr. Seuss...
can't get much better

 they are bonding with Harry Potter!!!
Butter Beer ~
Nuff said!

 It wouldn't be complete with out many trips to Downtown Disney....
funny poses and Mr. Incredible!
Now this is the life.

However, if you are 8 and a huge Star Wars fan then a Jedi you must become.
It's very intense.

 One must be ready to battle the Dark Lord at any given moment.
Good thing Owen had proper training by the bald Jedi Knight.

 He survived this round....but as the saying goes...
"I'll be baaaack!"
(or in this case...we will be back)

 This hat just makes me happy!

Palm trees, swim suits, sun, kids = 

4 months and counting....
I love you!

Do you have any favorite family trips in your past or future? 

1 comment:

Kim said...

So exciting to have such a fun trip to look forward to!!! I love Florida and the beach - I could probably skip the whole Disney adventure and just stay on the beach - I'm kind of lame like that!!

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