Tuesday, September 10, 2013

do you take pictures of pictures???

Is that crazy or not?

I am not sure.  But last time hubby and Owen went to the cabin he came home with some new pictures he had taken of photos that have decorated the cabin walls for y.e.a.r.s.!!! Of course, there are a few stories/tales to accompany some of the photos and the rest just seem to be reflections of relatives past.  

Do you ever take a moment to really think we are NOT as important as we may think we are??

THAT every moment we are here on earth should be appreciated b/c it may be gone in a heart beat?

I wonder what these guys were thinking by the stove while cooking? 
Wondering about the next text message or Facebook update would probably sound pretty funny to them...in fact, I am thinking it was a little bit more laid back and relaxing life style just by looking at their stance and calmness about.

 Although, Remember.....the wolf is always waiting outside your door.
That picture has been talked about a lot in my years.....don't get too comfortable with the good life, don't think you have it all, don't think you are better than any one else......the wolf is lurking....trouble times could be right out side your door if not careful.

 Grandpa Bob....making a model ship as he loved to do ...


 Some one had a good fishing day....

 Sand bagging?
looks like the lake water was getting pretty close that year...
many years a go...

I was just informed that this was a self portrait done by one of hubby's uncles.
I really doubt he looked like this but I need to find out more I guess.
What I do know for sure is.....it scares the living beegeebers (you know that word right? ha!) out of many kids who enter the cabin.  Especially our niece Elise!! (Who is about 24 now I think...well I don't like snakes so I guess she can dislike the pilgrim pic...ha!)

 And finally, some real photos were snapped too....
taking turns while driving through Pelican Rapids ~ looks like hubby and Owen had some fun.

 Such the posers they are....
Can't you just hear hubby proclaim....
"Look ma....A pelican!"

Lots of fun.
That's my Tuesday Tidbit.


hiker mom said...

Yes I have taken pictures of pictures before:) Love those older pics, they do seem more relaxed don't they;)

Kim said...

I've taken pictures of pictures - sometimes just because I'm too lazy to try and scan something into the computer!
Good message to enjoy our time - no way to know how much more we get!
That pilgrim is very creepy!!!

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North High....now she is just 16 day...