Thursday, September 19, 2013

Diving isn't as easy as I thought.....

He started out on the edge of the pool...just round your body and pretty much fall in to the pool ~ HEAD first.  That didn't always happen.  Next he moved up to one foot and one bent knee....Round your body and pretty much fall HEAD first in to the pool.  That didn't always happen.

He walked back to the instructor with a tummy as red as her shirt by the 5th time ~ he kept trying ~

 She went with the stand up position next.... and then kind of rounded out his legs............
Oh the patience one must have!
 Hmmmm...what do you think?  Head first or did he slap his tummy again?
He slapped. other kids around...time for some 1:1 instruction!
Believe in your self!
 Think HEAD first...and round your body....
He did it!!

Less splashing equals less slapping....
Whew! Because his little tummy was red enough.

His comment after went something like this:  "When the teacher told me it took one boy who was 12 two hours to figure it out I knew I had to keep trying because I didn't want to be doing that for another 2 HOURS!"  Ha!  

Well, congratulations my only took you 10, I hope the next time you try it it will come back to you quickly ..... kind of like riding a bike.  ;-)

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Kim said...

Good for him!!
Some trivia - I can't dive - I spent an entire afternoon trying to learn (I was in college), hated it and haven't tried since!!