Monday, September 16, 2013

Be Pushed Out of Your Comfort Zone...

Catchy title huh?!

This morning on the radio I heard some one talking of doing just that.  She said she was amazed the other day at the beauty of an eagle soaring.  She just sat and watched it. Got lost in its beauty.  And then thought, had its mother never pushed it out of the nest it would never have experienced  
Soaring. Gliding. Flying.  

That eagle got pushed out of its comfort zone ~ a.k.a. nest.

Think of all the things we would have missed had we never pushed ourselves out
of that same comfort zone.......

 horse back riding
 water slides
downhill skiing
 riding a bike
 adult horse back riding
 running your first half marathon
 high school CC
 high school track
 having your sister hug you even when you aren't so thrilled.
 a no gravity house..."Cosmos" in SD...
water skiing!

The list could go on and on.  We all get comfortable in our daily activities and especially in our jobs and simply our way of life.  What we do ~ we probably do because its comforting ~ just as our food choices often are.

Well, its time to take back the Momma Eagle approach.  It's time to give a little nudge to our children, our selves, and our will power.  Who is in control?  God!  With HIS help let us all SOAR like an eagle!

Here's hoping that you all get a little UNcomfortable once in a while.....its a good learning experience if nothing else.  ;-)


Kim said...

I love this - I get stagnant sometimes and just go along in my little comfortable way.
Maybe I need to make that a goal for this next year.

hiker mom said...

Love it! People get way too stuck in their comfort zone. We all need to shake it up a bit;)

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