Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And they're off.....

 Kenzie: 8th grade...final year at middle school
 Kenzie and Coley...the 11th grader and driving to school this year!
 The morning mom..complete with bags and a smile!
6:50 AM and ........they're OFF!

But wait....there is still a little dude at home.....
he doesn't leave until 9AM so he has
plenty of time for iPod, computer games, and YouTube...
Can't wait for homework to start to keep him busy in an educational way.

Oh yea, I could demand that he does some math problems and some times I do but,
its the first day so I am letting him chill how he wants.

Plus, he usually reads 30 minutes each morning and he is already done with that.

Maybe one morning he will actually sleep in so there isn't so much "extra time"

Happy First Day!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Great pictures!! Huge difference between start times for your kids!!!
Hope the first day is awesome for all of them! and you!!

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