Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All GREAT things must come to an END...

Yesterday a little piece of me died.  It's weird but it happened.  I couldn't believe it and would never have thought it but knew it was out of my control so I went with it.  

I have spoke of and shared pictures of the cabin many times in the past....that will no longer happen.  The cabin/lake lot that has been in my hubby's family for hundreds of years was sold yesterday.  

Honestly, at times it was a head ache.  It brought words between hubby and I while on "vacation".  It was even "WORK" and not "FUN" but ~ I realize now, it was a part of us (me) on a different level.

It was my connection to two wonderful in-laws that I didn't get a long time to be with.  My in-laws were *older* when I met my hubby and by the time we had kids (their grand children) one or the other was sick-battling cancer-dealing with mobility issues-or simply tired.  I was close with them but I knew we could have been closer.  

My MIL specifically was wise.  She was patient and loving.  I know we all would have loved more time together and the cabin still gave that to me.  I guess its time to officially move on.
We had fun celebrating birthdays...
 using pieces of dock to announce birthdays
 bringing cousins together for reunion runs
 having my parents over for bbq's..
 standing by the ol'Teague sign
 no words

 washing in the kitchen/bathroom sink--bunk beds--front room activities

 the old back breaking bed...
(OK..that won't be missed at all!)
 a certain boy being silly
 netting fish off the dock
 turtle races in the back yard
 Quisp surprise birthdays
And the many memories my hubby
 has of his dad making model ships 
many evenings when he was retired and relaxing.

The last few years the cabin had been owned by hubby and his siblings.  It's hard owning things with others.  To no one's fault each have different ties and wants out of the ownership.  It was time to part with the land and start a new venture.....taking new family trips....making new memories....and ending what was a very long and wonderful run of the property on Curfman Bay.  

I have cried a few times now.  (Seriously, can't believe this brought me to tears) 

But as the title stated: ALL great things must come to an END.  It was great....can't wait to see what great God things are in stored for this family and where our trips will take us.


Julie said...

Wow! Can't believe I'm hearing you say this. I thought you would be celebrating! :)

Kim said...

I'm sorry!!! Just reading about your trips to the cabin this past summer I know y'all have lots of great memories there and it will be weird to not go back. I think I would cry, too!! And then have some wine!

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