Monday, September 9, 2013

18 years today....just a few pics of us ;-)

18 years ago we walked down the aisle and held hands.
(Mine were shaking ... 
just a little nervous excitement I guess)
But we made it baby!!
18 years of pure wedded BLISS! 

 B/c I tend to do a lot of things quickly~ I don't have time to find some really old photos of us or put any wedding photos on the blog for your viewing pleasure...ha!

 So I have included some randoms of US....
while waiting for our time to bowl....

 At a bonfire obviously....

 After our first HALF MARATHON!

 I have no idea where this was taken.....but my eyes look tired??!!

Eating out (and drinking) after a day at Key West.

Just this summer on a family drive in MN

Well, my big hair has remained and hubby hasn't aged a bit.
But, our life has changed most by the addition of these 3 below! 16!

Makenzie now 14!

and Owen now 10!

Happy Anniversary Hubby...18 years and counting!!
Love ya!

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Kim said...

Happy Anniversary - have a super day!!!

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