Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what we have been doing during the extreme heat wave.....

OH, by the way....did you know "WE" means HUBBY ....

He paints ~ I move furniture.  
Some times with his help some times not.

This is Owen's new room...we let him pick the color and where to put things in his room.
I am NOT one of these mom's with a Pottery Barn ~ matchy perfect matchy~ thing going on.
I am a...
"Oh, whatever as long as you are happy so be it!"
(but I better not find food on the floor ;-)
kind of mom.

 He chose Blue!
And then he said before hanging any posters he wanted "JESUS" painted on his wall some where so will know and be reminded that JESUS is always watching over him...

This WAS Owen's old room below.
(Soon to be Nicole's new room)

 The green is the old color and Nicole selected burnt orange as her new color....
I loved it ~ duh Team Orange loves orange!
Then what made me chuckle ......
 We have them same color combination in our family/kitchen area!!!!


Funny huh!?

I guess certain color themes just run in the family!

Today/tomorrow we will be moving up Nicole's bed, dresser, and more......
I am sure some pics will be coming.


hiker mom said...

Way to get things done! I need to paint so many rooms in my house but just can't get up the motivation to do it:/

Kim said...

Haha - "by we, I mean he" sounds exactly like things here!!
So very cool that Owen wanted Jesus painted on the wall to remember he is watching!
And, I love the burnt orange in Nicole's room (and your family room!) - Hook 'em Horns!!!