Sunday, August 25, 2013

Well, I haven't done that since July 4th....And it felt great!!

 These pictures make me both happy and sad.  The one of the 3 of us was about  a year ago when I was in a much better frame of mind.  Eating well.  Exercising daily. Feeling ~ On top of the World!
 Fast forward almost a year.  I have had my hip issue flare up again.  I had an MRI.  I found out I had a tear in my inner left thigh muscle and my bursitis was back causing my pain.  AND I let myself have SUGAR (caramel popcorn last Thanksgiving to be exact) and it opened up the SUGAR BINGE MONSTER of all MONSTERS! 

My mind went into overload ~ MUST HAVE ~ or will DIE phase.  While my body shut down and said STOP or you will have bigger issues to deal with.  I gained back my 10 pounds I was so happy to get rid of and my muscle gained turned flabby once again.

Why oh Why? Thank goodness we can cry!!  (It rhymed and it has happened ....more than once in the past months....but the good thing is we can always START OVER!) Actually, that is a GREAT thing!


I lost it like Owen just lost a tooth. POP! Out the door (or his mouth) it went!  And just like the tooth fairy taking the tooth....its gone to never be seen of again.  My motivation left and has not and would not come back to me, for almost 2 months.  

Sure I walked the dog and took walks with my sister while up north but nothing compares to the good sweat I receive from a run/jog and my body would not let me have it.  UNTIL TODAY!

Back to motivation....these GIRLS!

They are both on the high school cross country team.  They run and have been running all summer.  Recently they had their first squad 2-mile time trial.  Seeing them out it their all....running shape....having fun....and simply TRYING....motivated my butt to get out there this morning and try again too.

I walked.  I jogged when I could.  I walked some more.  I jogged some more.  ( its moving faster than a walking speed right?) Finally, I think I ran for a straight hip felt good, my legs felt flabby, I could tell my cardio/breathing was lacking, but overall it was great! better than SUGAR!

Now I must repeat that for the rest of my life.

going forward once again...


Kim said...

Glad that you walked/jogged/ran and felt good!!!
Motivation is the weirdest thing - sometimes we can force it and other times it is gone and we have no way to bring it back!
Hopefully yours comes back to you!!

STUFT mama said...

Hang in there friend. I'm with you on the once I have sugar all things go down hill. Sorry about your hip, but glad you're finding your motivation!

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