Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This girl celebrated for about a week!!

 I forgot to mention....the celebrating started the week were in DL with grandma and grandpa!
Her cousin Marly made her a birthday sash......
 and a birthday crown.
 We went to lunch at Long Bridge....
Kenzie in the middle with cousins Ethan and Marly.
 Then back to grandma's/pa's for cupcakes....made by grandma
and frosted by Marly and Marit....
Kenz sure has talented cousins!
 Oh yea, she blew out the candle too!
After ~ Marit (the other frosting cousin) and Kenzie retreated to the bedroom to watch 
some much needed TV of course....ha! And simply hang out as cousins like to do!

Oh to be young, happy, and sort of stress free!


hiker mom said...

Fun! Happy birthday Kenzie! Now that I am older I am trying for the birthday month;)

Kim said...

I want to be like hiker mom - I think a birthday month is the way to go!!! Except not everyone in the family cause that's a lot of work - poor Chris got 1 day!!

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